Single-Release "Appreciate"


My new single «Appreciate» is available from now on in all leading digital stores including streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and many more. Thanks for your support! I’m very curious for your feedbacks. Download it, stream it, playlist it and share it. Enjoy and be blessed!

The song «Appreciate» is about appreciating and being grateful for the simple and «self-evident» things again. Especially after difficult times, illnesses or crises, during which one is somehow slowed down and paralyzed, every regained movement seems like a sign of new life and freedom. A real gift from heaven. Actually the release was planned for autumn 2019. Now, more than half a year later, «Appreciate» interestingly enough fits even better. Because although the Corona crisis is not over yet, we can appreciate simple and small things better again. A little «back-to-life», but more consciously and with more gratitude. The fresh electro-pop sound animates to dance along and makes us feel happy. Appreciate!

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